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Facilitating the effective use of virtual online environments in learning endeavors. Learn more...

APPaL3D Initiative

The purpose of the APPaL3D Initiative is to facilitate the effective use of immersive online environments in learning endeavors of all kinds. Learn more...

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The Department of Leadership and Educational Studies has partnered with 3DICC (3d Immersive Collaboration Consulting, LLC) to develop and implement an OpenQwaq installation for instructional use.


Presence Pedagogy (P2) serves as the catalyst for social constructivist learning in a virtual world. Our experience suggests the P2 pedagogy prompts a churn that encourages purposeful interactions, goal oriented projects, and collaborative processes, which result in an intentional learning environment. Learn more…


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Leadership & Educational Studies

Leadership and Educational Studies The mission of the Department of Leadership and Educational Studies is to prepare traditional and nontraditional students to assume educational leadership roles in community colleges, universities, public schools, public libraries and related educational settings through active scholarship, reflection, professional discourse and interdisciplinary programs of study based on the integration of theory and practice.

Teaching and Learning in 3D

APPaL3D provides consulting services to assist educators in the development and use of 3D virtual learning environments to support teaching and learning.